Energy Saving Tips, Techniques and Advice

Green house Why is energy saving important to us? With the rising costs of gas, electricity, fuel and food we need to look at ways to reduce our energy bills, waste and our carbon footprint.

We have looked at ways to reduce our own energy bills and tried and tested some of the saving energy tips and techniques and to evaluate which products are worth investing in.

We have tried simple home energy saving tips, solar power, green cleaning, recycling and growing our own vegetables. We own an electric car and have been involved in the electric vehicle industry for the past five years. We have completed a self build house project for which we wanted the home to be as energy efficient as possible.

We have spent time researching Global Warming and whether Global Warming is a hoax. We keep up to date with environmental news in the World.

Save money with energy saving tips

Why energy saving?

Energy saving is important. Did you know that 25-35% of the total energy used in a typical family home is wasted?

Just think how much that wasted energy is costing you each year.

Whether you want to make savings on money or want to do your bit to help the environment, it just makes sense to see how much you can save.

If you can save just 20% of the energy you use, you'll make a saving of hundreds of pounds a year - and significantly reduce your impact on the natural environment.

Energy Saving Tips

There are simple tips which can be used in both the home and in work, with a few which may be new to you. Home energy savings are important as they can both reduce your Carbon footprint and your energy bill.

Water Saving

Even with the heavy rainfall in the UK, we still need to look at saving water. Clean water is a limited resource - and now with most people on meters, we pay for what we use.

There are some water saving devices which can be used in the home and garden to reduce your water consumption.

Solar Power

Solar power has many uses, both which can reduce your energy bills and also produce solar where an electricity supply is not available. We have even written our own book - The Solar Electricity Handbook.

Green Cleaning

It is possible and effective making your own green cleaning products using simple ingredients in your kitchen. Included are some of our own recipes, including one for the dishwasher.

There are also some Eco friendly cleaning products available to buy ready to use.


Recycling is important to reduce the amount of waste sent to land fill. The home recycling is now improving in some councils, but what else can be done?

DIY energy saving projects

There are lots of ways to make your own renewable energy for your own home: solar heating, solar lighting, even a wind turbine on the roof! Some of these projects can cost a lot of money and have questionable pay back - both in terms of environmental benefits and saving money.

Yet there are a number of DIY energy saving projects that will cost you only a few pounds and help make a big difference - improving your standard of living and improving your carbon footprint. Now that really is efficient energy saving!

Water Saving

There are many simple saving water tips which can be done to reduce your water usage.

Water drip

In the UK we have seen an increase in flood risk. There is still a need for saving water to increase the amount of water reserves in the dry periods.

There are lots of water saving devices which can be used in the home and garden.

Global Warming Hoax

Global warming

Is Global Warming a hoax? Many people have questioned the validity of Global Warming claims, or express doubt as to whether or not Climate Change is down to excessive carbon emissions.

Is global warming a hoax, read more about global warming hoax arguments and counter arguments.


Effects of Deforestation

Amazon Rainforest deforestation

In many areas forests are being cleared, this is causing problems for humans, animals and global warming. Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest is one of the worst effected areas.

Find out what the effects of deforestation are why land is being cleared and how some countries are saving the forests.

There has been severe drought in the Amazon during 2005 and 2010. Why is this such a serious problem?


Car Fuel Saving

Mitsubsihi i MiEV Electric Car on CABLED project

Is it really possible to reduce your car fuel by changing your driving technique to eco driving? We also look at alternative fuel and transport, including the electric car..

Do Electric Cars really work?

We have been using electric cars since 2006, but do they really work as an everyday car? We are on the CABLED project driving a Mitsubishi i MiEV for a year, find out what we think.