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Eco Driving

Car exhaust emmissions Eco driving or green driving is finding the best way to drive your car more economically and therefore reducing your fuel bill by up to 10%. It is safe as eco driving encourages you to keep to the speed and be aware of what is around you.

There are two main things which you will need to do to drive in an eco way; look after your car and also adapt your driving technique.

Eco driving - Looking after your car

A well serviced car will ensure that it is fuel efficient. Make sure that your services are kept up to date. A service manual is provided with each new vehicle which will include the intervals for when a service should be completed.

Each week check your tyre pressures are at the correct level. If the tyres are under inflated, you will create more resistance on the road. It can also be dangerous to have your tyres over inflated. The correctly inflated tyres can reduce your petrol consumption by up to 3%.

Get rid of any excess weight this includes removing any roof top boxes and bars. It is also worth checking in the boot to see if there items which you do not need to take with you. Another way in which to keep the weight down is to not completely fill the car with fuel each time, but for a lot of people this can be time consuming and inconvenient.

Eco driving - Driving technique

One of the main things to think to consider when eco driving is driving smoothly and to look at what is going on ahead of you. If you are heading towards congestion take your foot of the accelerator and allow the vehicle to gently slow down, by the time you get to the congestion it may even have cleared.

Keep your revs to an appropriate level. When you turn on the engine in newer cars you do not need to rev the engine. When changing gear do not leave it too long before you change. The ideal revs are 2000rpm for diesel cars and 2500rpm for petrol cars.

Do not speed - The speed limits reflect the area in which you are in, making it safe for both motorists and pedestrians. Keeping to the speed limit will reduce your fuel consumption. The most efficient speed of a car is 56mph.

If you are stuck in a traffic jam for a while, switch off your engine.

In cold morning try not to leave you engine running for to long before setting off on your journey.

Car sharing, some councils have set up a car sharing scheme or you could talk to people at work to see if it possible to arrange a vehicle share. Some cities are beginning to introduce a car share lane; this will allow you to get to work quicker.

Eco Driving - Plan your route

Before you set out on a journey plan your route, check to see if there are any traffic jams. The AA have a very good traffic system in place. If you have one use a satellite navigation system this will save you getting lost.

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Did you know?

Eco Driving can reduce your car fuel bill by up to 10%

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